Who We Are

Women In Cinema International is a network of women filmmakers: screenwriters, directors, cinematographers and technicians.  Our goal is to help women succeed in the industry through mentorship, networking and by promoting and supporting new work by women.

We are here for you!

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Supporting women in the film industry by honoring and promoting outstanding screenplays, from mega-budget to micro-budget, studio to independent.

About the Competition

We are looking for standout screenplays by women. The competition awards the writer who pushes the boundaries of cinema with her original, nuanced characters and dynamic storytelling and dialogue. There are no limitations on content or genre. The main character does not have to be female, but the screenwriter does.


First Place Award:
Pitch prep coaching and a Skype pitch to a genre-appropriate executive.

Second Place Award:
Notes and screenplay coverage.

9 finalists will receive screenplay coverage and judges' notes.

June 8th, 2018